Mobile Data Assessment

Why I Should Consider Doing the Assessment

  • The single largest contributor to carrier cost increases in the past two years comes from increased data usage and will continue to rise. In fact, CTIA’s 2019 Annual Survey reports an 80 percent data increase over 2017.
  • Pre-COVID 19 pandemic, industry projections indicated mobile data usage would more than triple in the next four years. With carriers posting significant increases in video data usage since the pandemic, mobile data usage is bound to increase far higher than previously projected.

What is the Scope of This Analysis

  • Upload the three most recent months of each carrier invoice.
  • Once loaded, an 8-point automated analysis will be generated to include recommended ways to control employee data usage along with invoice savings, increased monitoring and control.


Following is a summary of the 8-point analysis:

1. Actual Data Usage Versus Industry Averages – Understanding how your company usage compares to industry averages.

2. Quantifying Wasted Data Usage – Determine spend rate over the required carrier minimum data purchase level.

3. Reviewing Top Users – Understanding how top users are using data is key to gaining control over potential problems of unnecessary increases in wireless costs.

4. Repetitive Top Users – The real problem lies with those who repeatedly fall in the top percentiles. Knowing who and how frequently they appear is key.

5. Segmenting Top Users – Once the top users are identified, MobilSentry™ breaks them down into usage brackets to not only quantify the problem but understand the savings potential related to each bracket.

6. Recognizing Video Streaming – One hour of streaming alone can add 1GB of total usage to a mobile device; knowing who is likely streaming is important to enforce policies and controls.

7. Usage by Time of Day – Identifies where the company is unnecessarily paying for an employee’s off-hours entertainment.

8. Off-hours Usage – Correlate top user brackets with the results of those with more off-hours data consumption than business hours consumption.

Actionable Intelligence Leads to Real Cost Savings

Once the 8-point analysis is complete, our experts will provide detailed explanations of all the data analyzed as well as suggest ways to increase control over employee data usage. It’s free and there is no obligation. Click the link to get started.