New BYOD Adoption Study by CompTIA Inc.

Thanks to Jake O’Donnell’s (@JakeODonnell_TT) article published 10 July 2014 in Search Consumerization, we see that BYOD adoption is not at the pace the media hype would suggest.  As outlined in the article, there are a number of reasons, but the fact remains the trending nature of BYOD and the recent research are not aligning.  We believe the more practical and reasonable approach to meet the real needs of balancing personal choice with business need is to retain central management and not in enterprises abdicating responsibility for the support of wireless devices.  The better answer lies in tailoring the support and segmentation of the personal responsibility as Corporate liable devices.  Why would the business need be the subordinate partner in the BYOD business versus personal duet?  For more details on the MobilSense Solution, visit our website at www.mobilsense.com.

Check out Jake O’Donnell’s article at http://bit.ly/1w6hIPt.

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