Reduce Mobile Data Usage Using Real-time Alerts

Helping users become aware of excessive data use is essential to impacting behavior, and timely notifications, like real-time alerts, have proven to be fundamental. Engaging employees in overall company cost control efforts requires real-time capabilities. MobilSense offers the real-time solutions companies need to engage their employees in company cost-control efforts through text alerting and email notifications.

The Digital Lifestyle Revolution

There is an evolution occurring with smartphones, and not just from hardware innovations. Expanded handset and application capabilities combined with increased network speeds and video content richness is transforming the smartphone into the remote control of our lives.

Flattening the Work-at-home Data Surge

In today’s age of excessive data usage, companies can only be successful in controlling rising data usage cost by taking advantage of the latest mobile data management technology. These proven technologies will not only help with the current work-at-home data surge but bend the curve of digital lifestyle impacted data usage.