Welcome to the Next Generation of MMS

MobilSense delivers ground-breaking innovation in the Managed Mobility Services (MMS) marketplace. Our mobile data management software runs inside the carrier network, permitting unprecedented data transaction visibility and control without the need for mobile device software installs. Any smartphone, tablet, laptop, mobile hotspot, or broadband modem connected via a cellular network can now be analyzed and controlled via one solution, MobilSentry™.

Next Generation MMS Offers Site Level Visibility of Data Transactions

Over the past three years, mobile data usage has tripled, and with the impending launch of 5G, industry projections indicate this trend will continue for at least the next four years. Since it is not uncommon for usage on single, out-of-control devices to run up dozens or even hundreds of GBs in a month, if you are not certain if this type of usage is a legitimate business activity, how can you even attempt to reign it in? Today MobilSense can deliver detailed, real-time information on actual sites visited along with a timestamp of when those sites were viewed, not only in aggregate for the company but for individual devices as well. To learn more about the limitations of current solutions, click here.

What MobilSense Can Do that No Other MMS Vendor Can

While other mobile data management point products can provide visibility and controls from within the carrier network, no other solution can provide the carrier invoice’s context alongside the real-time, unbilled data monitoring and control, like MobilSense. Controlling or limiting individual data usage is an important objective, but if commensurate actions aren’t taken concerning pool plan reductions, the intended savings will not be realized. If your period of tracking data usage doesn’t recognize the actual invoice usage start and end dates, then your actions may be imprecise as they may be confounded by data accumulation measured over multiple bill cycles. The following is why MobilSense stands out as the next generation in MMS:

  • All accounting of usage to date is aligned exactly along the boundaries of carrier bill usage cycles, always providing an accurate assessment aligned with carrier billing practices.
  • MobilSentry stores all users’ history and context within carrier invoices, ensuring that your company has a comprehensive view of all potential problems, not just your top users.
  • Integrated optimization algorithms combined with pre-programmed data limits and controls can deliver the maximum savings on carrier invoices, thereby eliminating after-the-fact data overage spikes.
  • Actions are linked to savings in a way that ROI is easily quantified and understood. No more second-guessing the value of an expense management investment.

Is your company interested in gaining deep insights into its mobile data usage? Are you even the least bit curious why and how your top users are running up unusually large amounts of data every month? Request a demonstration of our industry-recognized mobile data management capabilities by clicking on the link below.

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