Market Milestone by Almalgam Insights

Hyoun Park, Founder and CEO of Amalgam Insights has released a Market Milestone entitled “MobilSense Acquires MobilPhire to Manage the Perfect Storm of Mobile Data.” Below is a summary of quotes from Mr. Park highlighting MobilSense’s unique position in providing breakthrough innovation for data management.

Enhanced Data Management – A Best-in-Class Solution at the Right Time

“This comes at an opportune time for enterprise mobility departments as a combination of video and app usage trends, demand for digital transformation, and employee demand for increased ease-of-use are all coming together into a perfect storm of need to track real-time usage at an app-specific level.”

“Amalgam considers this level of real-time data visibility to be a Best-in-Class capability that will provide strategic mobility advantages for organizations that adopt MobilePhire augmented expense management on MobilSense.”

Combined Expertise Yields Significant Value

“MobilSense’s acquisition of MobilePhire combines deep mobile data visibility with the ability to optimize the cost basis of mobility on a per-user, per-device, per-gigabyte, and per-app basis. This provides enterprises with a fundamental opportunity to understand the nature of its mobile usage. This should not simply be seen as another way to cut data costs but an opportunity to permit mobility managers to conduct more granular analysis on how mobility drives true enterprise value.”

“The ‘new normal’ for enterprises seeking to analytically improve and quantify enterprise mobility as a strategic advantage”

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