Industry Recognition

What Analysts are Calling Both ‘First-in-the-Industry’ and ‘Best-in-Class’

Both AOTMP Research and Amalgam Insights have issued recent Market Alerts regarding the recent acquisition of MobilePhire by MobilSense. According to Andrew Hartwyk, Senior Research Director, AOTMP Research Practice, “This acquisition merges the ability to see real-time network data in the context of invoice billing”. Hyoun Park, CEO of Amalgam Insights comments that “these two companies now combine deep mobile data visibility with the ability to optimize the cost basis of mobility on a per-user, per-device, per-gigabyte, and per-app basis.”

Why This Is So Timely

Mobile device data usage has been growing at a formidable pace with no slowing in sight. Companies are seeing their mobile expenses climb steadily and feel defenseless to contain its cost. Hyoun Park indicates, “This comes at an opportune time for enterprise mobility departments as a combination of video and app usage trends, demand for digital transformation, and employee demand for increased ease-of-use are all coming together into a perfect storm of need to track real-time usage at an app-specific level.”

Not Just Promises, but Real Solutions Now

“Two months into the MobilSense-MobilePhire transaction, AOTMP Research can confidently call the deal a success. Based on the companies’ initial integration strategy and what they have completed so far in integrating the two systems.”

What do the Analyst Really Think?

“AOTMP Research sees a true, First-in-the-Industry solution: real-time data management combined with managed mobility services.”

“Amalgam considers this level of real-time data visibility to be a Best-in-Class capability that will provide strategic mobility advantages for organizations.”

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