National Home Builder


Like most businesses these days, home builders have faced significant challenges in reducing costs to retain profitability. National homebuilders face additional challenges created by duplicated effort over multiple regional territories. A dispersed employee base across a vast range of job sites requires effective mobile communication capabilities. The home building industry typically maintains a high ratio of employees with mobile devices. Effectively tracking and managing a large population of devices requires advanced technology solutions.


One of the nation’s leading home builders decided it was time to consolidate and manage their wireless assets by centralizing the effort to one location. At the time, each of their six divisions maintained responsibility for managing their own carrier relationships and plan management, which created redundant work effort and significant carrier overspending.


Because they had a large inventory of wireless devices spread out nationally, it was determined they needed a solution that would allow them to manage their wireless inventory centrally. Additionally, cost allocation and the ability to monitor their devices would be required as necessary components of this solution. Since consolidating an effort of this magnitude would require tremendous resources, a third party vendor specializing in Mobility Management Solutions was needed.


After researching industry offerings, MobilSentry™ was chosen, and within six weeks, the consolidation was complete. In addition to distributed reporting and rate optimization, this home builder uses MobilSentry™ to reconcile and pay their carrier invoices as well as tracking wireless assets. Regional managers now have the ability to view employee charges and usage patterns across all carriers while preserving local expense management control. Managers have also been able to process Move-Add-Change (MAC) corrections through the online system, thus allowing this company to maintain a centralized, up-to-date view of whom mobile assets are assigned and where the user’s expense is allocated.


Following the deployment of MobilSense’s automated mobility management solution, this home builder saw an initial rate optimization savings on their invoices of over $75,000/month. In just a few years, this home builder has saved a total of $5M from carrier cost savings alone.

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