How Effective is your MMS Vendor at Controlling Data Costs?

Since 2001, MobilSense has been a leading solution provider in the MMS industry and has developed a robust technology architecture adaptable to ever-changing carrier rate plan structures. Our solution, MobilSentry™, has been improved to introduce new approaches to cost savings including long-term trending analysis and real-time late-cycle adjustments to eliminate data overages.

With nearly 100 different MMS vendors providing various mobile cost management solutions, addressing the broad range of small businesses’ needs to global enterprises, approaches are many and varied. These varying methods have created a range of best practices. Not all vendors use the same methods or deliver the same level of customer care and attention.

Case in point, MobilSense was recently engaged by a large enterprise to evaluate its current vendor’s effectiveness. An analysis of 12-months of data revealed that during nine of those 12 months only nominal adjustments had been made by this MMS vendor to the pool capacity despite excessive overage charges. Changes that were made came late and often represented an over-reaction to prior trending.

Vendors who lack automated optimization capabilities can find themselves bogged down in manual methodologies that present an excuse to only review pool status on a quarterly basis. Today, data usage can vary dramatically, particularly with work-from-home COVID-19 restrictions. Monthly analysis is critical to avoid consistently paying for data overage charges or paying for data that was never needed in each billing cycle. Technologies now exist to ensure that the amount of data available tracks the usage within 4-5% each month.

Another data cost control best practice that was not employed by this vendor is real-time pool adjustments. Vendors like MobilSense have the ability to make last-minute pool buffer corrections based on a review of mid-cycle, up-to-date data usage to either draw off heavy users to unlimited plans or run pool buffers at much tighter levels than has been possible in the past.

The lesson learned by this enterprise was the importance of diligent, monthly pool review, not quarterly or semi-annual attention, which could have saved them $42K a month. Another value observed by this client was the importance of using sophisticated cost-saving software like MobilSentry™ to determine the optimal pool size in real-time.

Is your company working with an MMS vendor? Do you know how they are addressing cost optimization? If you are unsure, let MobilSense provide you a free mobile data usage assessment. Like this client, you may be surprised by what you learn. Click the link to get started.