If your company is not reviewing your data pools monthly at the close of a billing cycle, you are missing out on savings. With the latest innovation in mobile expense management, real-time optimization adjustments can be made then, rescuing pools from overages and keeping pool safety buffers small.

How does real-time optimization work?

  • Carriers provide daily snapshots of accumulated data usage throughout a current bill cycle.
  • These daily snapshots, referred to as unbilled data, are used to project potential month-end overages or shortfalls.
  • Administrators can view pools projected to exceed their pool size or to leave unused data.
  • Changes can be made in real-time where needed rather than not reacting when differences can be made.

What does this mean for companies?

  • Last-minute pool changes can move high-usage lines to unlimited plans eliminating overage charges.
  • Smaller buffers can be used when reviewing monthly pool usage because increases if needed, can be made in real-time.
  • Automated real-time alerts can be sent via text or email from the daily data loads when lines exceed preset thresholds. These alerts can influence user behavior when it is most impactful and help lower pool cost.

MobilSentry™RT Optimization is a game-changer for mobile expense management. If you are not taking advantage of MobilSense’s industry-first approach to cost-saving, get started today. Click here for more information.