BYOD White Papers


New smart phones are being introduced at an unprecedented rate.  This continues the keep pressure on organizations to develop a well-considered strategy for handling a variety of devices.  Because of the high interest in this topic and because much has been published by pundits, research organizations and in the general media, many organizations are setting strategies by headlines, or returning liability of wireless devices to individuals for an organization provided stipend.  This simple solution may be a good decision for some organizations, but certainly not for many.

MobilSense has published two White Papers that will provide good input for organization seeking to develop a considered strategy.  We believe the best strategy is one that meets all of the needs of your organization.  A White Paper was created by MobilSense and is entitled, “Navigating the BYOD Fork in the Road.”  It will provide a practical overview of BYOD and can contribute to an effort to develop a meaningful strategy.  Click on the white paper title links to download the papers.

Wireless Management



MobilSentry MobilSentry™ is the most comprehensive, automated, service-oriented wireless management platform in the industry today. It is the only platform that offers a fully modular approach to delivering efficient and cost-effective wireless management capabilities. Our solution launched in 2002 and incorporates the best wireless management industry practices to bring order and predictability to your mobility environments. The combination of our extensive automation, analytics, uniquely flexible approach to implementation and ongoing support continues to deliver millions of dollars in carrier invoice savings as well as lowering administrative costs through dramatic staff reductions (10:1).

We take pride in seeing our customers lower their wireless bills, increase their organizational control and processing speed and accuracy. We measure our success in the number of customers that have stayed loyal and continue to benefit from our solution, year after year. A complete and powerful wireless management solution for your company is made possible by our emphasis on our four MobilSense foundational pillars: – See more at: http://mobilsense.com/content/wireless-management#sthash.q4gm5G7h.dpuf