AOTMP’s Introduction to MobilSense and MobilSentry™

As a Mobility Industry research and advisory firm, AOTMP recognizes that the problem of excessive data consumption will only get worse, especially with the launch of 5G. Senior Research Analyst, Kelly Teal believes “enterprises cannot expect carriers to help them curb usage; therefore, they must implement real-time mobility management tools.” In their recent paper titled MobilSense Recognized by AOTMP for its Leading Mobile Data Management Capabilities, AOTMP indicates that “MobilSentry™ from MobilSense stands out as one of the top solutions to consider.”

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Who is AOTMP?
AOTMP Research & Advisory uncovers significant trends in the Telecom / Mobility / IT Industry and predicts future demand while addressing the needs and interests of enterprises and the vendors who support them. They provide clarity and detail in their research of the telecom/mobility industry. Information and data points from thousands of enterprise telecom, mobility and IT environments worldwide fuel the insights AOTMP Research & Advisory uses to help enterprises drive performance, efficiency and productivity, and to help vendors maximize their potential in the industry they serve.