AOTMP Market Alert by Andrew Hartwyk

AOTMP and Blue Hill Research released a Market Alert regarding the acquisition of MobilePhire by MobilSense Technologies, Inc. Quoted below are a few highlights confirming the unique position MobilSense and MobilePhire have to provide breakthrough solutions for data management.

Enhanced Data Management – First-in-the Industry Solution

“MobilSense and MobilePhire now have merged the ability to see real-time network data in the context of invoice billing which AOTMP Research sees a true, first-in-the-industry solution: real-time data management in managed mobility services.”

“MobilSense’s acquisition of MobilePhire sends a message to other managed mobility service providers that there is more depth to achieve when optimizing client data, and more opportunity for strategic relationships that will drive positive benefits for enterprises.”

Early Technology Integration Already Deemed a Success

“Two months into the MobilSense-MobilePhire transaction, AOTMP Research can confidently call the deal a success. Based on the companies’ initial integration strategy and what they have completed so far in integrating the two systems’ primary data points, the combined platform is poised to be a first-in-class solution.”

“What makes the combination of MobilSense and MobilePhire different? The level of real-time information delivery and the ability to fix issues right away as a response.”

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