How Companies use Text Alerts to Control Employee Data Usage

Being able to inspect and report data usage in real-time can significantly reduce how much data your employees are using.  When one CIO became concerned about the rising cost of her company’s data use, she found real-time alerts not only significantly reduced their mobile data usage, but a byproduct she wasn’t expecting was productivity overall increased.

As this company learned, all it took to significantly reduce mobile expense cost was to identify policy thresholds and send alerts when data usage reached these thresholds. No company today should be paying for the out-of-control data usage habits of its employees especially when education and alerts have been shown to be so effective.

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Cataloging Data in Real-time Offers Significant Insights

Our mobility management solution offers rich analytics with deep insights into data usage patterns, which can yield significant cost savings. It starts with visibility beyond data detail invoice reporting.

Non-business usage comprises as much as 85% of total usage and when the carriers only provide limited usage details and don’t show how your mobile devices are being used, it can make it challenging to set appropriate usage boundaries.

The power of the MobilSentryTM analytics makes it seamless to answer questions such as at what time of day an employee was streaming videos, accessing social media or viewing entertainment sites. MobilSentry™ gives you site-level visibility and powerful analytics.

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