Time-Tested Wireless Optimization Techniques

As technology evolves, so do the ways in which it is managed. When we first launched our mobile expense management solution in 2001, our focus was simple: to help companies reduce their wireless expense spend through invoice optimization. It alone can reduce wireless expense anywhere from 5-30%. That was 16 years ago and nothing presents more opportunity for wireless cost savings than now! Prompted by the carrier’s transition to data centric rate plans and with the rapid growth in data usage fueled by an explosion of data hungry smartphones apps, the savings starts by making the right pooling choices.

When it comes to wireless invoices, cost saving opportunities come in many flavors but the first and most obvious place is to strike a balance each month between minimizing overage charges while not over paying for too much data that goes unused. Doing this at a minimum cost also requires an understanding that carriers offer different pooling models. There is one that offers the lowest cost based on your company’s device count and average GBs used per device.

From this starting point, there is always savings when it comes to identifying zero-use devices needlessly running up charges, along with unneeded feature charges, and periodic billing errors that often go unnoticed.

We can all agree that the carriers’ goal is to provide excellent customer service but it’s not their job to keep your costs at a minimum. If you are interested in learning how to save your company money on its mobility cost, click here to get the ‘Ultimate Guide to Invoice Optimization.

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