CyberLoafing or CyberMooching, Does Your Company Have a Problem?

In 2002, VK Lim coined the term cyberloafing to describe workplace internet employee usage of non-work-related activities back when the only cost incurred for cyberloafing was wasted time.  In the year 2018, wasting company time now means also wasting money.

With increasingly powerful and always-present mobile devices, cyberloafing has dramatically increased both during and after business hours. In fact, it is much worse. Why? Because if your company assigns corporate-liable devices, every non-business GB of usage of cellular data is a direct cost to the company. It’s why the term cyberloafing has now morphed into a much bigger problem, cybermooching.

Are you wondering if cybermooching could be a problem for your company?  You only need to answer two questions to know:

1. Have you experienced a significant rise in wireless invoices lately?

2. If you have employees consuming 5GBs, 10GBs or even greater amounts each month, do you have the tools to understand when and how that data is being used?

If you answered no, or you are unsure, there are emerging technologies you need to know about!

The latest developments in Mobile Expense Management software not only helps companies understand data usage at a much finer granularity, but will help govern excessive data usage.   Studies have shown almost universally the source of data usage abuse is video streaming. If you haven’t evolved your company policies to crack down on video streaming and excessive entertainment use of company-provided mobile devices, now is the time.

MobilSense is delivering real-time capabilities that allows companies to not only set software controls, which will block or cap unacceptable data usage, but provides the training tools needed to enforce policy by showing the actual websites your employees accessed during data transaction sessions. Gone are the days when you had to rely on historical data to drive policy enforcement.  The information you need to contain rising mobile data costs can now be accomplished in real-time.

There has been no greater time in MEM’s history than today! Explore the rapidly evolving technology that will illuminate and facilitate control of employee data usage. Click here to learn more about how MobilSense is saving companies from cybermooching.

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