MobilSense Free Beta Program

MobilSense has announced a beta program of its upcoming launch of the industry’s first self-service wireless audit solution, MobilSentryDIY™. Aimed at midsize companies who lack the type of automated tools employed by larger energy companies, our goal during the beta phase is to gather client feedback from cooperatives and midsize energy companies who are managing their wireless cost with limited in-house staffs and budgets. The target demographic was selected due to our many years of deep expertise in assisting energy companies successfully achieve wireless expense automation and savings. Click to see Press Release

Where Does MobilSentryDIY™ Fit?

The most common approach for midsize companies who rely on in-house staff is to occasionally seek outside consultants to perform audits on their wireless invoices using a contingency fee model. The downside to this approach is it results in lengthy contracts and continuous payment streams. MobilSentryDIY™ puts the automation and sophisticated algorithms available to consultants in the hands of your in-house staff through a simple-to-use interface. MobilSentryDIY™ was designed with no contract requirement, is a fraction of what consultants charge, and quantifies your savings before you choose to opt-in for a one-time monthly charge. During the beta phase, it is free for a period of three months in return for simply providing feedback.

Why the Free Beta?

Our award-winning application, MobilSentry™ was built in close collaboration with our clients, so before taking a big step into the self-service market, we wish to confirm the effectiveness of the user-interface which is the cornerstone for success of any do-it-yourself application. Our beta version is being offered to a select number of companies who are willing to provide feedback on the usability, effectiveness and clarity of the graphical representation and dashboards which highlight savings and other usage pattern anomalies.

Qualifications for the Beta

To qualify, a company must have a minimum of 75 company provided mobile phones, tablets or data cards along with pdf invoices from one of our beta-supported carriers including AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless.

What You Will Receive

In return for participation, MobilSense will coach selected companies through the process of uploading three months of invoices for analysis, we will assist in processing recommended carrier changes, and provide two subsequent months of invoice uploading to continue to locate savings while confirming realized savings have appeared correctly in succeeding invoices.

Acceptance for this beta program will be at the discretion of MobilSense and will favor those companies who register first. To be considered, click on the offer graphic above or the link below.

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