End Users that are coming from T-Mobile and Sprint to Business Flex

FIRST – Employee must call into regular T-Mobile Care 1-800-937-8997 to give T-Mobile permission to release liability and add their phone number to the corporate Business Flex account
  • End user should have ready: Personal Account Number, password/passcode/pincode.
  • End user should provide corporate Business Flex customer name, their phone number and let them know that they are moving to the corporate account (NAME is fine). End user is releasing liability of their phone number by doing this.
  • T-Mobile Customer Care will notate the Phone Number Change of Responsibility.
If employee is transferring a Sprint Line
  • BYOD – check your device compatibility and if compatible, submit an order to purchase a T-Mobile SIM.
  • Employee can also submit order for a new handset and SIM if they are not interested in BYOD.

Once the transfer is noted, then end user logs into the Biz Flex portal and submits a Transfer of Liability request to transfer the line to the Corporate account.

Any transfer issues will be reported back to the employee for resolution.

If no issues with the transfer, the end user’s phone number will transfer to the corporate Business Flex account and their rate plan will be changed to the Business Flex plan.