TRANSFER OF LIABILITY: Employee number moving off the Business Flex account onto Employee personal account

  • End User submits an order to Release Liability which moves their number from corporate liability to their own personal account
  • End user will be provided instructions on process and next steps in moving their number off the Business Flex corporate account
  • My T-Mobile and My Account usage records will no longer be accessible once the ownership transfer is complete
  • End user’s voicemail box may be deleted
  • End user account must be current to transfer account ownership – this includes all past due charges and current charges. Both corporate liable and end users must be in good standing; neither can be past due, delinquent or in write-off status.
  • T-Mobile may require a credit check and deposit to open up a T-Mobile personal account.
  • If one party (end user or corporate entity) taking over the account does not contact T-Mobile and complete the transfer of ownership, party with the current liability will remain responsible for the account and all charges.
  • Both parties (end user and corporate entity) will need to agree to a service agreement.
End User Customer & Technical Support for change of responsibility:
  • From the T-Mobile app
  • From your T-Mobile phone: 611
  • Call 1-800-937-8997