In conjunction with T-Mobile, employers can now offer high-value mobile rate plans and devices to employees at a fraction of the cost of standard wireless consumer plans. This program is called Business Flex.

What does Business Flex include?
  • Unlimited T-Mobile talk, text and data
  • Flat rate, low-cost monthly plan pricing
  • Low-cost, certified pre-owned device selections
  • Pay via secure, online credit card payments
How much does it cost?
  • A low monthly flat rate charge includes unlimited voice, data and text services, inclusive of taxes and service fees.
  • Upon service activation, the first month fee along with a security deposit will be charged.
  • A recurring post-pay monthly charge begins after the 2nd full month of service
Do I have to buy a new device?

Business Flex is available for the following cases:

  • Port an existing device from another carrier
  • Activate an unlocked device on Business Flex (BYOD)
  • Buy a certified pre-owned device with 30-day return on activation
Ordering Business Flex Service
  • Click ‘Terms and Conditions’ to enable ordering options
  • Choose order by category/color tile
    – New Equipment – order new device and new service
    – Port Device – transfer from existing number/carrier
    – Existing Device – order new service for inactive device
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) requires a T-Mobile SIM. You may order a SIM if you do not have one

How do I transfer a number and phone from another carrier to Business Flex?


  • Locate the 15-digit IMEI in your Settings under About
  • Confirm your device is compatible with T-Mobile using a link provided in the ordering portal
  • Ensure that your device is unlocked with your prior carrier
  • Secure a new T-Mobile SIM to insert in your existing device
  • Provide prior carrier account information when prompted in the ordering portal