MobilSense Lifecycle Program

Is your company spending millions of dollars on enhanced security capabilities for its mobile devices then letting down its guard when it comes to the handling of end-of-life devices?

Resetting a company mobile device to factory settings and wiping data doesn’t deter individuals with nefarious intent from extracting private information from a discarded device. A recent IBM study cites a 6% data breach increase from 2017 to 2018 where a single breach can cost a company millions of dollars.

The only way to truly protect data is to physically remove all remnants of a user’s data on the internal drive of the device. To reset or delete only hides the information from a typical user not from hackers. With MobilSense, we not only help ensure that your unneeded mobile devices are securely wiped by a certified vendor, but each device is conscientiously recycled in an environmentally safe manner. Another pricey expense is costly upgrades. With our life-cycle program, we will help you establish a device reuse program enabling you to repurpose gently used, perfectly working devices to your end users.

Protect your data, avoid costly upgrades, and recycle in a coordinated life-cycle effort with MobilSense.