Mid-Size Fuel Delivery CompanyReduces Cost-Per-Device by 20%

Oil Delivery CompanyIndustry Background

When it comes to companies who are responsible for making deliveries to homes and businesses, mobile communications play a critical role. The portable fuels market is no exception. With a highly mobile workforce, the penetration of mobility devices is well above average, creating an extra burden for mid-size companies to track and monitor asset ownership and usage across a sizeable employee base.

Mid-Size Fuel Deliver Company

A company specializing in delivering portable fuels and services to homes, farms and businesses across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states, with close to 1000 mobile devices needed to bring more process and control to their mobility program. With employees stretched across multiple states and limited resources, their internal staff was over-burdened in attempting to deliver requested handsets and respond in a timely way to employee questions.

The Problem

Attempting to manage their mobility program with limited information pulled from carrier portals and invoices created challenges in knowing with certainty which organization to charge for a billing device. Adding to the problem, management lacked visibility to billing information in order to assess usage and cost trends. In addition, mobility support was assigned to a single IT resource who struggled to handle times of excessive load volumes. Cumbersome labor-intensive finance processes were being used each month to match cost centers to each item on monthly carrier invoices leading to delays and inaccuracies in expense reconciliation.

The MobilSense Solution

With MobilSense, this energy delivery company found automation and expertise to bring their mobile management under control while reducing and normalizing the demands on over-stressed internal resources. MobilSense implemented an online provisioning capability to offload their resources from directly dealing with the carrier for delivery issues. Orders placed by their telecom support engineer were fulfilled and tracked through MobilSentry™. The implementation also streamlined the management reporting process by providing intuitive browser interfaces that supplied easy-to-comprehend analyses out of complicated and extensive carrier invoice detail. Management now had instant access to information that previously required tedious manual efforts to assemble. Lengthy manual reconciliation processes were no longer necessary for finance to process the monthly allocations and carrier payments. By collecting and storing employee information at the time of new device ordering, the monthly AP process was reduced to minutes. Finally, the MobilSense staff assisted in-house telecom support resources with help desk expertise to respond to employee inquiries in a more timely and efficient manner.

The Results

Once the telecom support resources understood the power of MobilSentry™ they could enjoy a more reasonable workload while delivering reliable and accurate financials each month. They have also been able to improve internal customer satisfaction. After almost three years of providing mobile expense management, the financial savings are more than covering the cost of the service. Through continued optimization, invoices that once averaged over $60 per device are now hovering at $48 per device, representing an ongoing monthly savings of 20%.


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