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    New Technology in Town for Mid-Market Companies

    Mid-Market companies often end up having to adapt full technology solutions created for Fortune 500 enterprises to fit their needs. These companies want focused and powerful functionality; self-service to meet their staff flexibility requirements; and simplicity in understanding options suited to their solution budget. Until now, there hasn’t been a telecom management solution designed specifically for this marketplace. That’s all changed. MobilSense Technologies, Inc. recently announced a unique product focused on mobile expense management (MEM) just for the Mid-Market.


    Today, enterprise level solutions include some amount of outsourced functionality which, depending on the level of technological automation, will drive the cost of MEM solutions upward. Even with MobilSentry™, the MobilSense’s flagship product which has a high level of automation, a full MEM solution inherently comes with a certain amount of managed services. A full-scale MEM solution has to engage company business processes to meet all MEM management needs.


    upload1What makes MobilSentryDIY™ so unique for the Mid-Market? It automates all of the tasks needed to administer highly sophisticated invoice cost optimization and delivers statistical reporting insights to reveal cost and usage anomalies. There is no longer a need to engage a vendor to pull and load your invoices into a database solution for analysis and reporting. Using standard carrier PDF invoices, the function of uploading invoices has been packaged as a self-service function for clients in a cloud-based offering.


    Once loaded, a simple graphical presentation of the savings benchmark1potential is provided along with an industry cost comparison to companies of similar device type ratios, providing a free benchmark of how well your company is doing to manage costs versus industry averages. The challenge to compare and choose the optimal carrier family pooling rate plans is presented using intuitive workflow steps which indicates respective pros and cons of the various pooling alternatives to guide the selection process.  Detailed itemization of savings recommendations are provided via export functions that can be delivered to your respective carrier representatives for processing.  Initial support is provided for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

    The pricing model for MobilSentryDIY™ is truly revolutionary.  Full MEM solutions require an annual or multi-year contract which typically requires approval by financial executives.  MobilSentryDIY™ requires no contract and can be loaded month-to-month with the final step of purchase presented as an option if the client finds the savings worthwhile.  In other words, the pricing is calculated based on the amount of savings available each month.  If the cost of purchasing a particular month’s savings recommendation produces a sufficient return, this revolutionary ROI-based pricing makes it very clear.    Additionally, the decision to buy can be made on a monthly basis and can be tracked month after month.  Even if the client finds the value insufficient to buy, the monthly invoice total will be easy to view and the effect of the last purchased month’s savings will be visible.  Having access to a month-to-month history of your wireless invoices is reason alone to consider MobilSentryDIY™.

    Anyone who is involved with managing mobile expense, knows that pooltab1staying current with constantly changing carrier’s pricing models can be a challenging discipline to master.  It requires a significant level of domain expertise.  Also, because of the complexity of the various cost models, it can be difficult to represent this information in a simple way.  Because of this, MobilSentryDIY™ has created a new way to display key carrier pricing information using a ‘birdseye’ view which makes understanding and using the new and cost effective data pooling plans not only easy to choose, but easy to understand.

    As we have begun deploying MobilSentryDIY™ in the marketplace, we have observed a surprisingly common phenomenon across many companies.  As data is loaded and savings recommendations presented, we have seen layers of carrier rate plans within the customer data.  Meaning, the data shows companies have been periodically advised by carrier reps to move to new and cost effective rate plans.  The customers take the advice and switch, and continue to switch but without changing their prior plans which creates multiple small puddles.  When you have multiple puddles and do not take advantage of pooling across all devices, it creates an unnecessary cost burden.


    If you haven’t taken a look at MobilSentryDIY, I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.  Let us show you how our revolutionary Mid-Market solution can immediately save on cost.