Energy Services CompanySaves $2.5M Automating Provisioning

Oil Service CompanyIndustry Background

Logistically the Oil industry has a broad reach to many remote locations, making it particularly challenging to maintain a precise inventory of mobile devices which can lead to complications in processing timely and accurate cost allocations. With so many moving parts, it is not uncommon to have a large accumulation of unused devices contributing to unneeded expenses on monthly wireless invoices.

Oil Services Company

An Oil Services company was looking for a solution to manage an inventory of mobile devices for their distributed organization. They had been using an entirely manual approach for tracking, ordering, cost allocation and inventory control. Due to a lack of formal cost optimization procedures, paired with the tedious task of a manual accounting practice, they strongly suspected that the absence of effective automation translated to carrier overpayments.

The Problem

Starting with a primary goal to automate all tasks associated with mobility management, they wanted the ability to link mobile device users with their Active Directory (AD), automatically populating the directory with each person’s contact information. Secondly, an online ordering process allowing for centralized provisioning was identified. Third, they were seeking to drive down their carrier cost to an auditable and sustainable level by removing overages, pooling data and voice minutes and eliminating unused devices.

The MobilSense Solution

Once MobilSense was awarded the contract our team began initially with invoice optimization, updating ownership from a regular AD feed, and setting up centralized ordering via the MobilSentry™ Order Manager online portal. Phase two involved distributing order placement to delegates throughout the organization. Phase three included creating a daily export exchanged via a secure FTP site which would provide updates to the AD file. We also implemented an ownership change workflow so that every incoming manager would have access to approve the transfer of mobile devices to their new organization.

The Results

Central administrators immediately experienced a decrease in their support needs and an increased accuracy in their billing which led to overall stability of their internal processes and a marked increase in their ability to trust their data. During year two, an aggressive zero use device termination policy was implemented; that along with the rate optimization resulted in over $1M in savings.

Thanks to MobilSentry™, the company has recognized the following significant benefits: 1) Reduction of staff to process orders and manage approvals; 2) Carrier optimization savings of over $2.5M during the term of the contract; 3) Accurate updating of their Active Directory in real time; and 4) Increased responsiveness to employees on ordering issues.


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