Complimentary Paper

    Mobile Expense Management



    The characterization of a Best Practice is subjective though easily recognizable through its results – cost savings. Best Practice descriptions typically evolve from a body of knowledge that comes from a variety of sources, including industry analysts, consultants, software developers, solution providers, trade associations and at times even de facto standards.

    Regardless of the source, Best Practices, when applied to business requirements and needs can have a significant impact on processes in any organization. For a reasonably small investment of learning and some business process re-engineering, the pay back can be very high.

    MobilSentry™ Best Practices

    We have found ways to insert many best practices into our full featured Mobile Expense Management solution, MobilSentry™. An example is how we facilitate synchronizing human resource (HR) data to device assigned mobile device user attribute information. Also by segmenting process into Employee and Corporate, we have made access to best practices uniquely available in MobilSentry™.