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    Paper Products Company Help Desk and online provision yield 5x ROI

    Paper Products CompanyIndustry Background

    Without the assistance of an automated wireless management solution and overwhelmed by a diverse set of support requirements from its various operations across the US , managing an inventory of 2,500 mobile devices had become increasingly demanding for this national paper products company. Compounding the challenge was the fact that the company had no central telecom management capability and operated two autonomous business units requiring separate wireless accounting procedures.

    Paper Products Company

    The company had been supporting its mobility users utilizing their internal help desk and felt it was time to outsource not only its mobile device help desk function but also to procure a Wireless Management solution. In addition, it was their goal to implement an online provisioning portal to support employee ordering of mobile devices. Because provisioning and approval processes varied by entity they required a solution that could accommodate a highly distributed organizational structure. The chosen vendor would have to deliver a cost-efficient help desk solution, support a flexible online ordering capability that would have to adapt to different workflow requirements in their plants, as well as provide timely AP allocation files for monthly accounting. There also was a strong interest in a rapid implementation.

    The Problem

    An implementation timeline of two months was proposed despite unique challenges that included 1) modeling and building a new hierarchy system to accommodate diverse login/management access requirements, 2) delivering a flexible online ordering portal that addressed different workflow procedures based on location, 3) initiating two parallel AP allocation processes for the separate operating units. Because of the concise and  clear feedback from the company coupled with MobilSense’s flexible and customer-focused implementation process, the solution was collaboratively created and implemented ahead of schedule.

    The MobilSense Solution

    Since their highest priority was an outsourced help desk implementation that would embody their company philosophy, company representatives were anxious for a smooth implementation. With MobilSense’s ability to accurately replicate their processes within the first month of operation, apprehension quickly faded as service level expectations were surpassed.

    The second priority was to push wireless device ordering from their central team out to delegates throughout the company. Achieving this goal required some unique online ordering processes. In addition, via their newly outsourced MobilSense Help Desk, they implemented a device disposal/refurbishment process. By putting non-obsolete devices back into service and removing outdated devices from service they achieved additional unexpected savings.

    The final priority was to streamline the monthly accounts payable allocation process. This was accomplished by establishing a monthly capability for merging HR hierarchy updates with carrier invoice charges and creating a custom Accounts Payable report.

    The Results

    In just the first year of operation, MobilSense increased help desk service level metrics, improved efficiency in service ordering capabilities and delivered predictable and timelier cost allocation reporting. By outsourcing the internal Help Desk to MobilSense, their accuracy and responsiveness improved while their operating cost were reduced by 67%, generating an estimated annual savings of $100K. In addition to these internal resource savings, annual carrier invoice cost reductions exceeded $225K yielding a 500% return on investment over two years of operation.


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