Real-Time Version 2.0: The Real Impact

It isn’t so much what you can know in real-time, but what you can DO in real-time.

  • Recent innovations provide not only actionable feedback in real-time but the ability to preset alerts and controls
  • Actions are automatically taken when unacceptable data access is detected or when data thresholds are exceeded

These new controls aren’t just aimed at putting a ceiling on overall data usage for company employees but can be used to prevent access by a mobile device to entertainment sites, video streaming or sites deemed unacceptable by company policy. Download our Savings Tip Defining your Mobility Management Strategy.

Bringing the Same Internal Network Controls to Mobile Devices

Mobile technology is finally catching up with technology used for years on corporate networks to control website access from company computers with additional flexibility.

  • Individual profiles can be created for a single device, groups of devices or all devices
  • Certain data access can be blocked or all data volumes limited

Don’t be misled into thinking that an MDM preventing the installation of an application is blocking employee access. All it takes is a web browser on a smartphone to find the backdoor to blocked data. Companies can now have similar policies for site control not only at the desks of employees but on mobile devices as well.

Click the link to learn why setting soft and hard limits is a successful strategy to help manage mobile data usage.