Wireless Management – Best Practice Overview

Wireless Management Best Practices have been proven to lower cost, increase accuracy in invoice processing and permit a reduction in staffing. This paper will provide an overview of these practices and provide detail on those that provide the most impact.

Managing 30K Devices with only 1 Internal FTE

A regional Utility with 30,000 wireless devices under management has with the help of MobilSense, reduced its internal headcount support staff to less than one Full Time Equivalent (FTE) by adopting increased automation.

Eliminate Cost Allocation Errors – A Cost/Benefit Discussion

Keeping an up-to-date wireless inventory for every billable device can at times appear to be an endless drain on resources with only limited pay back. Download this paper to see how some companies recently have been able to deliver timely and accurate allocations each month with less than 5 hours of resource time expended.