Complimentary Paper

    Paying Your Fair Share


    Pooling’s Impact on Monthly Chargebacks


    When a single user consumes hundreds of GBs on a shared 2GB data card plan billing at $30 a month, someone else is going to bear the brunt of those cost. In the reverse, you have an unfortunate user in a pool using modest data amounts monthly that is randomly assigned a $300 recurring charge by the carrier as the keeper of the all GBs for that shared data pool group. These times demand a more equitable approach to allocating monthly device charges, rather than just using the carrier’s invoice costs. This Best Practice paper discusses solutions for today’s ever changing pooling scenarios.

    Simple Methods of Distributing Monthly Charges

    At MobilSense the process of prorating a user’s charges based on the portion of the pool they consume is called ‘Pool Adjusting’. In this practice users will be allocated a proportionate charge of the overall pool cost based on the percent of the pool capacity they consume. The method described in this Best Practice paper details three distinct advantages to using such an approach, 1) eliminating inequities, 2) enhancing visibility to employee with excessive usage, and 3) maximizing flexibility in the ongoing management of pool capacities.