By acquiring MobilePhire, MobilSense becomes the only vendor today that can provide a seamlessly integrated solution that combines all of the MMS capabilities, like invoice management, reporting, analytics, and optimization along with state-of-the-art Mobile Data Management (MoDM).

What is MoDM?

The MoDM segment grew out of the expanding need for better visibility of data consumption patterns. MoDM vendors use:

  • Firewall technology designed to execute inside cellular carrier networks
  • Track and quantify the data access from an employee’s device
  • Block objectionable site access
  • Apply overall caps on any data usage

Reminiscent of the same functionality companies have been using on internal networks for years to block undesirable site access, companies can now apply the same to mobile devices.

Why is MoDM Important?

Mobile data usage has grown 350% over the past three years. Companies are grappling with a rapid rise in uncontrollable data usage. It is not uncommon for usage on a single, out-of-control device to range from 20GBs to 200GBs a month on a regular basis.

  • Carrier invoices cannot tell you the total amount of data consumed
  • Invoices fall short when indicating whether usage was business-justified or not
  • Beneath the surface insights reveal what sites were accessed
  • Provides a timestamp of when sites were accessed

Without MoDM, employee’s guilty of wasting data on non-business functions often go undetected by mobile administrators.

Don’t MDM Vendors Offer Ways to Control Data Access?

MDM vendors have attempted to address the data management challenge with an emphasis on limiting the apps that can be installed on mobile devices, but this process can still be subverted by accessing data via a browser versus the app. In addition,

  • MDM vendors only measure total data usage and lack any visibility to actual site usage details.
  • The only effective way to provide specific management and control capabilities is to embed control points within the carrier network.
  • With MoDM, there is a flexible and granular methodology for limiting access to specific sites or providing caps on overall usage levels.

What Can MobilSense and MobilePhire Accomplish that Other MMS Vendors Cannot?

    While MoDM solutions have access to the mobile cellular networks, they lack access to information generated by the billing engines.

  • MoDM vendors are blind to bill cycles and must manually estimate start and end invoice dates when estimating unbilled usage.
  • MoDM vendors lack the means on their own of quantifying the financial impacts of the reduced data usage they produce.
  • The combined information available between MobilSense and MobilePhire enables more powerful analytics to zero in on the devices most in need of real time controls.

Mobile Data Management integrated with a full feature Managed Mobility Solution introduces monumental data control without compromising a robust handset experience. The combined offering of MobilSense and MobilePhire can help enterprises avoid the inevitable mobile spend budget increases that are sure to come as network data speeds increase and with HD video streaming becoming increasingly ubiquitous.


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