Managed Mobility Solutions 2.0

For the majority of mobile management software (MMS) vendors, the rapid growth in mobile data has exposed varying degrees of fundamental weaknesses – but MobilSense continues to excel. Why? Other MMS solution providers can only report on the data increase, but none can bring control points like MobilSense.

Rapid Data Growth Challenge Facing Companies

In the past three years, mobile data usage has tripled, and with the impending launch of 5G, projections indicate this trend will continue for at least the next four years. Companies can no longer survive on the hope that data usage can be controlled simply through concise mobile usage policies. Increasing data usage may not have yet impacted your wireless invoices, but don’t expect that to continue.

How Data Growth Impacts Cost

Every carrier includes a minimum amount of data on smartphone and tablet plans. In most cases the average is 2GB/device. Your company may have been noticing an increase in average data usage but until the company average surpasses 2GB you will not experience any appreciable change in your monthly carrier invoice. Once your overall company average exceeds the 2GB threshold, every GB used will represent a linear increase in invoice costs.

MobilSense Offers Real Solutions to the Growing Data Management Challenge

MobilSense has acquired MobilePhire, a Mobile Data Management (MoDm) company who has been providing technology that monitors mobile data activity on each data transaction including site or application accessed, along with real-time control capabilities to block sites or set quotas on over all usage. By acquiring MobilePhire, MobilSense is now the only MMS vendor who can provide a deep analysis of mobile data usage, engage real-time controls to limit wasted data usage, and quantify the actual savings from real-time actions.

Free Mobile Data Usage Assessment

If you think you may have a problem with data usage but aren’t sure, or if you know you have a problem and are looking for efficient ways to bring usage under control, sign up for our free, no-obligation mobile data usage assessment.

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