Instant Prospect Savings Assessment

Before investing the time it takes to crank through a savings estimate for a prospective client, MobilSense has created a way to check if the analysis is even worth a deeper dive. Our many years of optimization experience and tuning of algorithms has allowed us to model approximate savings in a matter of seconds with a few key parameters from a prospect’s invoice.

With these key values from your client’s most recent wireless invoice, our tool instantly generates an early warning score, which is a predictor of savings potential that can be surfaced via a more thorough analysis effort. MobilAlertDIY™ is a self-administered assessment tool that instantly calculates the difference between the current cost/device on a client’s invoice and a calculated ideal cost/device that is typically achievable through standard optimization techniques. MobilAlertDIY™ captures the total non-equipment invoice cost, the number of devices, and the ratio of device types to determine the best achievable cost/device based on device count and device mix. Within seconds, you will immediately know the status of a prospect’s mobility health and whether there is an opportunity to maximize a potential client’s savings.

It’s simple, it’s fast and self-service – give it a try.

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