BillScan Promotion

For a limited time, you can register now for a free, 3-day trial of MobilSentry BillScan. For three days and up to five invoice uploads, you can experience the dramatic advantages of having a PDF invoice be analyzed and optimized in minutes. You will need to register by the end of May to receive this one-time offer.

MobilSentry BillScan – Streamlines Prospecting and Quoting

BillScan is a browser-based, self-service, PDF invoice upload utility that itemizes key invoice attributes and quantifies and proposes plan and feature savings changes. The process begins by simply dragging and dropping a carrier-generated PDF invoice into the browser tool and in a matter of minutes the analysis is completed and notification is sent to review and export results. BillScan offers various report views on the invoice details along with proposed plan and feature recommendations. BillScan supports the output for custom carrier plans and can generate cross-carrier plan recommendations. Once an analysis is complete, you simply purge those results and the utility is reset and ready for a new carrier invoice.