Visibility & Reporting

Wireless expense management, done right, not only reduces cost but increases visibility. Who knows better how a device should be used or whether an employee is conforming to corporate policy than their direct management? Even conscientious employees’ use of today’s powerful smartphones can produce unintended cost consequences. When high usage and charges go unnoticed, companies inadvertently send a message that voice and data usage have no boundaries and that downloads and unplanned international usage are condoned.

Business Intelligence

The sophisticated analytics of MobilSentry™ transforms raw billing data into useful information for ongoing business analysis. With the rapid growth of mobile devices, telecom administrators are faced with dynamic and unmanageable challenges. By identifying trends and usage variance from month to month, MobilSentry™ is able to project future voice, data, and texting needs, thereby eliminating overage charges and reducing the cost of unneeded capacity. The ability to forecast usage demand, coupled with an increased capability to affect real-time changes prior to bill cycle closings, yields the lowest invoice charges possible.

Because wireless invoices come without Meta Data (plan and feature attributes) needed to provide context and understanding, it is important to restore these data characteristics to effectively manage wireless programs. Key service attributes like asset type and description, along with contract termination and upgrade eligibility dates are not included in the monthly carrier invoices. By combining asset, contract information and dates along with HR information, MobilSentry™ becomes a potent intelligent repository empowering telecom administrators to quickly consider needed actions which will not only reduce cost but increase visibility and control.

Ease of Use

Powerful data can lie dormant when the user interface is inadequate at revealing information. Our intuitive display of graphical and tabular data puts decision-making information at the fingertips of busy managers and administrators. Detailed employee charge and usage information is revealed via a few simple clicks. Through the use of dashboards we are able to display a variety of important attributes in a single view.

Visibility through reporting plays a significant role in effective mobile expense management.  When this national home builder was faced with the housing crisis, they were hit especially hard.  However, with MobilSentry they were able to easily identify unused inventory and minimize their wireless cost exposure by reducing lines quickly.

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