Employee Accountability

A positive first step for promoting employee accountability is to ensure that individuals recognize management is paying attention to their monthly usage. Involving employees directly in assuming responsibility for monitoring their monthly activity will insure they act responsibly. With MobilSentry™, we provide the capability to deliver a monthly email recapping usage and charges to each employee; with managers also receiving an email summarizing all departmental usage and costs.  We make it simple for employees and managers to drill down from summary to detailed views via our intuitive browser interface. Companies with a culture that shares responsibility for cost control with their employees can experience  significant moderating effects on wireless costs over those who do not engage their employees in this process.

BYOD – Is It Personal or Business?

When companies expect employees to participate financially in the cost of their mobile devices and/or a portion of their monthly service charges under a Bring-Your-Own-Device program, MobilSentry™ can offer uniquely patented capabilities to partition each invoice into company and individual charge allocations. Our workflow accommodates policies where employees may contribute to a portion of the cost of new or upgraded mobile devices.  In addition, we can identify individual charge components such as downloads on a monthly basis as well as the ability to establish business limits on usage thereby shifting some of the monthly cost into individual subtotals for reimbursement by the employee. Even if your company elects to forgo reimbursement for company charges, by deploying a mobile expense management platform that is monitoring charges and proactively alerting management regarding employee invoice concerns, the opportunity to influence changes in behavior and preserve policy integrity is greatly enhanced.

Beyond employee accountability is an activity that most companies often do not consider, employee theft.  MobilSense has uncovered several instances of mobile fraud that resulted in a significant negative cost impact to our customers.  Click here to learn more about how you can protect your company’s mobile assets.

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