Invoice Optimization

Smart companies are restructuring their wireless invoice management processes to include invoice optimization tools like MobilSentry™. They understand the carrier pricing models make it challenging to effectively match unpredictable monthly usage against frequently changing carrier plans and features. They also appreciate that wireless carriers lack the motivation to proactively help them spend the minimum on wireless services. Unfortunately, in-house solutions for rate plan optimization are never automated and are used only sporadically because of inherent inefficiencies. If you are not utilizing automation, it is not a question of if you are overpaying your carrier – it is a question of how much you are overpaying each month.

Our wireless cost management solution uses time-tested optimization algorithms and the most current carrier offerings, MobilSentry™ systematically reviews all pool, rate plans and features of every device to insure that you are receiving the lowest possible wireless invoice monthly so you don’t have to worry about overpaying.

Unused Devices and Features

Unfortunately, mobile devices don’t stop billing just because they are no longer in use. Even with the best intentions, lost, misplaced and forgotten devices can continue to incur a cost for your company. When managed properly with the right rate optimization tools, identification and termination of these devices can be a large contributor to reducing your carrier invoice. It all starts from automated reporting showing how long devices and features have been inactive as well as up-to-date information on who is responsible for those devices.


With many moving parts on an invoice, often triggered by manual keystrokes, it is not uncommon to have errors due to inaccurate discounts, missing credits, as well as duplicate or incorrect charges appearing monthly. Without the benefit of automated wireless management, spotting these errors can be challenging. MobilSentry™ captures, interprets, validates, and resolves billing issues, helping companies avoid the pitfalls of not only overpaying but wasting time looking for these errors. We provide the assurance that you are paying only for contracted fees and charges.

Read our case study about a government entity who saved $85K in the first month, then went on to surpass $100K in savings soon after.

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